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September 27, 2018

Try Different Techniques Of Drying Flowers

There are numerous techniques that you can use to preserve your flower in its entirety. You might have seen several methods on different websites such as secret florists and you may even have tried some of them and guess what, you may not like some of the methods that are used to preserve flowers.

For example, in one method I saw online, you put a flower in a little bowl and then you put it in the microwave with a cup of water and once again, you go with 30-second increments. I did this one and the flower was still wet and stuff underneath and it turned brown and you know what, it was beautiful when I put it in and afterwards, I just didn't like it. You can give different methods a try and pick one that you think works for you.

An easy way is just to take some flowers and simply when they're fresh, tie a string around them and hang them upside down and they will come out just great. If you want to spray them with some clear lacquer then they'll last a long time and they won't crumble and fall.

One more technique that you may like the best is silica gel and here's how it works. You pour some silica gel, put it in the bottom of a container, this will preserve the flower in its entirety. That's how you can preserve roses. So set it in there. Cut the stems off, set it in and then what you do is you gently pour the silica gel. You want to pour it around it so that you're supporting all the petals.

If you just dump it right on top then you're going to flatten them, you're going to break them. And you want to cover it up in its entirety. Keep it in a sealed container depending on the flower. There's a little guide that comes inside the box depending on the flower. It could take three to seven days, it depends. You are going to cover this all up and you're just going to let it sit.

So, how do you know when it's finished? If you take a closer look at the silica gel, you will see it is actually blue. But after drying a flower in it, you will find it becomes kind of a pinky lighter color. The silica gel has actually absorbed all of the moisture inside the flower.