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December 24, 2017

Safeguard your skin with Mineral Makeup


Mineral makeup is the best choice when you want to avoid the harmful chemicals to spoil your soft looking skin. It is helpful when you are looking for natural makeup options. Choosing the best mineral foundation for oily skin goes a long way as this is the basic piece of makeup that is applied directly on skin.

Unfortunately, not all makeup claiming to be mineral makeup can be trusted on. Here are few tips to keep in mind when picking up mineral makeup

Look for Safe Ingredients

True mineral make up comprises Mica, Zinc, Titanium and Iron Oxides, Ultramarines and Tin oxide as the basic ingredients. Presence of botanical products, Kaolin or clay is safe as they are helpful for oily skin. However, users with dry skin should avoid kaolin.

Avoid Harmful Ingredients

Any true mineral makeup should be absolutely devoid of paraben and talc. Cosmetic companies often add talc and paraben even in mineral products to extend the shelf life. So, it is important to check for these products while choosing your mineral makeup products. There can be adverse effects on your skin as well as the environment. Other unwanted ingredients that you should beware of are rice, corn starch and magnesium stearate.

For your Sensitive Skin

Make sure you additionally avoid the items with bismuth oxychloride and preservative. Some skins are also sensitive to the pure minerals like Mica. Hence, if your skin is very sensitive, it is best that you ask for sample before you invest into a new product.