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October 31, 2019

About Truvada Kidney Problems

Truvada, a popular drug used in treating HIV, causes life-threatening and serious unwanted side effects like kidney failure, bone fractures, and osteoporosis. Though the medication does offer advantages to patients that are HIV positive, many have suffered considerably as a consequence of taking this hazardous and dangerous medication.

Critics now state a safer choice to Truvada might have averted many Truvada accidents, nevertheless, drug company officials opted to delay its launch to maximize profit. You can get to know more information about truvada kidney failure via reading online.

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Despite its severe unwanted effects, Truvada was a hugely profitable drug for Gilead; at its summit, Truvada sales yielded $11 billion yearly. Critics state Gilead purposefully stopped the evolution of TAF, the safer variant of Truvada, to maximize gains while Truvada was still under patent protection.

Subsequently, in 2014, when Truvada's patent comeback was vain, the business published the safer version of this medication and got a new patent that extends until 2032. In recent years after Gilead executives had stopped TAF's creation, tens of thousands of HIV positive patients suffered from kidney failure, bone density loss, and fractures.

In 2016, Gilead confronted a Truvada suit for'blocking affordable access to a lifesaving HIV medication' called TAF. The pharmaceutical business was likewise warned on several occasions by the FDA for Immunology and Immunology Truvada liver and bone unwanted effects.

Persons and the relatives of men who developed kidney issues or experienced broken bones in Truvada might be qualified for actual compensation for anguish, pain, and reduction through submitting a Truvada lawsuit against Gilead.

Frequently, we know after the fact that a pharmaceutical giant entrusted company gains over customer safety. Filing a Truvada suit will function to apply pressure on the company to be a better corporate citizen, besides seeking compensation American households deserve.