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January 11, 2020

Introduction To Stucco And Its Application

Stucco is generally a mixture of lime, sand and water that is used mainly for coating for walls and ceilings and other decorative purposes.

The main objective of the plaster is to cover unfinished construction material or less attractive as concrete, clay brick, cinder block, etc. and convert it into a form looks much attractive and beautiful.

Stucco exterior regarded as the most reliable and durable interior lining and its use is being increased rapidly in recent years. People can also choose stucco repair contractors in Edmonton area for best stucco repair services.

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Although traditional stucco consists of lime, sand and water. In the case of modern lime cement is added to improve the quality and durability of the stucco.

Acrylic and glass fibers are also added to cement to increase the durability and structural properties of the cement layer. Cement is available in a variety of textures and colors and is used to protect and decorate the interior walls of the building.

Two ways in which cement can be applied are: By hand with the help of a hawk and trowel and With the help of mechanical sprayer cement.

Applying cement by hand is a much more difficult way to do it and it often lacked the finishing touch and also takes a lot of time.