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December 24, 2017

Safeguard your skin with Mineral Makeup


Mineral makeup is the best choice when you want to avoid the harmful chemicals to spoil your soft looking skin. It is helpful when you are looking for natural makeup options. Choosing the best mineral foundation for oily skin goes a long way as this is the basic piece of makeup that is applied directly on skin.

Unfortunately, not all makeup claiming to be mineral makeup can be trusted on. Here are few tips to keep in mind when picking up mineral makeup

Look for Safe Ingredients

True mineral make up comprises Mica, Zinc, Titanium and Iron Oxides, Ultramarines and Tin oxide as the basic ingredients. Presence of botanical products, Kaolin or clay is safe as they are helpful for oily skin. However, users with dry skin should avoid kaolin.

Avoid Harmful Ingredients

Any true mineral makeup should be absolutely devoid of paraben and talc. Cosmetic companies often add talc and paraben even in mineral products to extend the shelf life. So, it is important to check for these products while choosing your mineral makeup products. There can be adverse effects on your skin as well as the environment. Other unwanted ingredients that you should beware of are rice, corn starch and magnesium stearate.

For your Sensitive Skin

Make sure you additionally avoid the items with bismuth oxychloride and preservative. Some skins are also sensitive to the pure minerals like Mica. Hence, if your skin is very sensitive, it is best that you ask for sample before you invest into a new product. 

November 10, 2017

Tips to Apply Flawless Foundation in Humid Weather

As much as we love the summers, beach sun can be a bit too harsh for our skin. Especially if you love wearing makeup, melting down and ending up with an oily skin is the biggest of our worries. Every girl wishes for makeup that will last all day long in the humid weather without breaking down.


Here are 5 fool proof ways to help your foundation last all day long, even in the humidity:

1. Primer

Investing in a good primer is essential, it not only minimizes the pores it also helps at controlling the oil and makes the foundation last longer. Apply a primer on your face especially in the problematic areas. If you have oily skin, apply another layer of a good primer on your T-Zone, it will help control oil.

2. Foundation

Choose the right foundation according to your skin type. If you want your foundation to last all day long, then go for an oil free formula. Due to the humidity, chances of your skin becoming oily are pretty high. You should stay away from luminous foundations; mineral foundation is your best bet if you want something that wouldn’t harm your skin.

3. Powder

Set your foundation using a translucent powder. Press the powder into your skin so your foundation stays in place. This will also help in reducing the shine and controlling oil.

4. Setting Spray

Use a setting spray to lock everything in, once you have applied the spray your makeup won’t budge.

5. Touch-up

It is natural that your skin will become oily, keep blotting sheets and a powder compact with you. Whenever you see shine or oil simply pat it using a powder or blotting sheet. This will instantly freshen up your makeup making it look flawless.

Another trick for a flawless summer foundation would be a good night care routine. Drink a lot of water and keep your skin hydrated.  

October 22, 2017

Main Ingredients of a Lipstick


No matter how many lipsticks women purchase, there is always room for more.Lips are one of the most prominent features of a woman’s face, so they must look fierce. The shade of the lipstick that you choose to wear reflects your mood.

While there are so many different formulas and shades to choose from, a lipstick is usually made from the following ingredients:

  • Wax

Wax allows the lipstick to form and hold up its shape. The basic purpose of wax in a lip product is to stabilize the shape and protect it from melting or breaking apart. The most common waxes used in the making of a lipstick include beeswax, camauba, paraffin and candelilla wax.

  • Oils

Oils combined with the wax make most of your lipstick. The different types of oils mostly added in the lipstick include olive, lanolin and castor oil. These are added to achieve the right consistency for your lipstick. The lipstick needs to be of right texture that applies easily without breaking.

  • Emollients

Emollients such as aloe Vera and vitamin E are added to the lipsticks for moisturising your lips. Just like a balm or lip cream moisturises your lips, lipsticks with emollients do the same.

  • Pigment

Pigments are powdered colours that are added give lipsticks a unique shade. These pigments are mixed and matched to achieve the perfect colour for different skin tones. Organic makeup producers add naturally obtained pigments into their products. You can check mineral makeup reviews online to find the best companies out there producing mineral makeup.

  • Fragrance

Although fragrances are added in small amounts, their main purpose is to make the product pleasing. It has nothing to do with the shape, colour or formula of the product.