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February 11, 2018

Steps to determine before undertaking a demolition project

Construction of house involves a lot of money, but tearing it down costs the double of it. Therefore, before deciding to demolish your construction make sure you have your finances ready, or else, you might end up having the job half done. These are a few steps you can consider while determining the cost of your project.


  • Determining the size of the work:

In order to know the house demolition cost Newcastle, you need to first figure out how vast the structure is. It might include cabins, garage, sheds or other concrete construction. Moreover, the size of the equipment will also depend on the size structure to be demolished. The small the property, lesser the cost; the bigger the property, more the cost.

  • Scrutinise the materials to be removed:

If your house contains asbestos which is very harmful, you must determine the cost of removing it. It is worthy to pay a huge amount for removal of such a harmful chemical for the safety of your family.

  • Removal of trees around your structure:

If there are trees stumps surrounding your building, you will have to include its removal in your budget, as this may require a different equipment to eradicate it from the property.

  • Number of people required for the job:

The number of people required to bring down your construction is also an important factor in considering the cost of demolition. You will also need to call labour for removing the debris or leftovers.