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July 05, 2019

Some Important Benefits of Daily Prayer

There are many psychological benefits of daily prayer. You feel you have fulfilled your obligations. You also feel that you are better than others who don't pray every day. You might even feel that you are right with your God because you have fulfilled your obligations.

The first general benefit of sincere daily prayer is the growth of self-knowledge. We know more about ourselves. This is because God is like a mirror. By talking and looking at it during prayer time we see ourselves more rightly and feel changing lives through the love of Jesus. Insincere prayer, we see God as we are, not just as we want. And God tells us who we are. We become our true selves and see ourselves in sincere prayer every day. We see God for who he is and we realize who we are.

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Actually, the psychological benefit that I mentioned above, if you think you have this, is a sign that you don't really pray. You might go to church and attend Mass every day, or you might open the Bible and meditate on the words there every day and talk to people you think is your God, or you can gather every day in a prayer circle where after a few meditations.

Your Bible raises prayer requests among your friends to God for yourself and for others. But if the effect of all these actions is that you think you are better than others who do not pray, that you have fulfilled the obligation, that you are now right with your God, then it is certainly very clear that you have not prayed. You have gone through a series of rituals or actions that pretend you are praying but in reality, you are only bragging yourself or ego.