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November 11, 2018

Spring cleaning tips to make the job a little easier

Spring-cleaning can look like a job. You spend all day, or maybe a couple of days getting the whole house sparkly clean. As a busy mom, you may appreciate some of those cleaning tips that will make the task a bit easier and quicker. You’ll have more time to enjoy the nice spring weather outdoors.

Start out by taking a quick look through your cleaning provides a couple of days before the big spring clean. Make sure you’ve got a lot of paper towels and cleaning rags. In case your mop or broom is really worn out, this really is a great time to invest in a brand new one. Assess all bottles and containers of cleaning supplies you like to use and see whether you have lots of those. There’s nothing worse than having to wash yourself up throughout your huge spring cleaning to operate into the shop to get a brand new bottle of windex.

Get everyone in the family to spend some time with you the day before the huge spring cleaning to pick up around the house. You overlook ‘t need to spend time picking up toys or washing dishes the next day.

Get up early and wear some comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. Dress all the way down to your shoes and put your hair up. Take a few minutes to collect all of your cleaning supplies and get going.

Tackle 1 room at one time. This works much better than attempting to do 10 things at the same time. It is going to also supply you with a great sense of accomplishment to see each room.

Begin at the top and work your way down. Use a broom or a mop with a soft cloth wrapped around it to receive any spider webs and dust out of the ceiling corners. Dust the lighting fixtures. Keep working your way down cleaning counters, windows and windowsills, furniture. Finish by dusting the baseboards and giving the carpeting a great vacuuming. Take some time to vacuum under the bed and move furniture to clean the floor under it whenever possible.

When you get to the bathrooms, begin by spraying some all purpose or bathroom cleaner on all the appliances, particularly anything that may have some build on it, such as the soap dish in the shower. Pour in the bathroom. Let the cleaner to soak in as you begin on the ceiling, windows and counters. By the time you get around to the sink, shower and bathroom, all you need to do is wiping them down and provide the interior of the bathroom a quick scrub with the brush.

Make sure that you take some breaks, and drink enough water. Cleaning is a bit job. When you’re done, enjoy a long shower, then put on some clean clothes and put your feet up. Give yourself a pat on the back for work well done and get some rest. You deserve it. For further details about cleaning, visit Stanleysteemer.