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November 10, 2019

List of Best Indoor Houseplants Capable of Surviving in the Dark


Many of us know that indoor plants offer a ton of benefits and importance when kept inside our homes. Some of the benefits of indoor plants include reduce the background noise level, remain calm while reducing stress, reduce the temperature of the surrounding and more. However, as fun and exciting as it sounds, one should also know which indoor plants are good to be kept in our homes. These are some of the indoor plants that can survive even in the dark.

  1. Swedish Ivy – This is the best plant for enthusiasts and also for beginners. It is capable of growing fast making it ideal to grow with very low-lighting conditions. Creeping Charlie is another name known for Swedish Ivy.
  2. Maidenhair Ferns –If you don’t mind think leaves off of your indoor plant then consider getting the Maidenhair Ferns. The leaves of this fun are considered ideal for many indoor plant enthusiasts to be kept inside their homes. If getting hold on Maidenhair Ferns is not possible, then consider getting Silver lace which is known to offer variegated leaves.
  3. Begonias – Another fantastic indoor plant that requires very little water and light to grow is the Begonias. These come in different type of shapes and leaf colors. Try getting hold of Rex Begonia as they are considered to be a popular choice.

These are some of the most fantastic indoor plants you should consider buying for your homes. Consider doing an indoor plant hire if required.

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