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November 15, 2018

Best Quality Memory Foam Pillow For Side Sleepers

How do you get the best quality rest when you are a person that sleeps on your side at night? You have to pick the best quality pillow to sleep on in the first place! For those that are back sleepers, the pillow might not be that big of a deal because their neck will rest closer to the mattress at night, so a flatter pillow might work well enough. But, for side sleepers, this isn't the case.

Side sleepers have a tendency to sleep with their arms bent and underneath their neck. This is so because they need to fill that gap between their neck and the mattress, If the space is not filled, their neck is in a constant strain. So, you can either use your arm to help bolster your pillow into the correct space adequately and suffer possible arm pain, or you can not use your arm and chances are you will have neck pain because the pillow does not work well enough.

The ideal solution that many side sleepers have found is to use only a memory foam pillow to sleep on. It can be a shredded foam pillow or a solid foam pillow. Either one is going to give you a much better support in the neck area during the night. Memory foam doesn't go flat and will not lose it shape no matter how you sleep on it. Visit sites like Luxury of the Pharaohs and find your perfect memory foam pillow and start getting great rest the way you want it, on your side!