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July 09, 2019

Augmented Reality and its Applications

Augmented reality is an advanced technology that covers virtual reality above the real world environment. Simply put, it adds direct computer graphic elements in the real world environment to provide all types of information to users.

The best example for this is someone who wears transparent glasses equipped with AR technology, where he can see the real world along with virtual images generated by computers. You can also navigate online to know about 3d floor plan app.

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For augmented reality, the following three aspects are needed:

  • AR must have the ability to combine real-world environments with computer-generated images.
  • The above process must occur in real time.
  • Virtual elements generated by the computer must be interactive and must be delivered in 3 dimensions.

Application of Augmented Reality

Medical – AR can provide doctors or surgeons with detailed information about a patient's blood pressure, heart rate, etc. In addition, he can also constantly provide important information to doctors while carrying out critical operations.

Navigation – AR can make navigation more effective. All the best route details to the user's destination can be displayed in real time when the user is driving a car, riding a bicycle or even while walking.

Because users can access real-time computer-generated information along with seeing the real world, their navigation experience will be far better and safer than traditional dashboard navigation devices.

The fighter jet pilot – Warfare now uses teeth mounted on the head with the appearance of the HUD AR. This technology constantly updates them with various aircraft data and also allows them to stay more focused on the battlefield.

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