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June 05, 2018

Alternatives to a Bikini

Those days are long gone when swimwear was limited to a bikini or a one-piece suit. With time new styles have been introduced in the market. Now there are swimsuits for every body type. According to a research, only 18% of women intend to wear a bikini in the next season as they have more options available in which they feel more comfortable.

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Following are some comfortable alternatives to a bikini:

1. Tankini

Tankini is the new style of swimwear that has been introduced in the market. It is called tankini because it is a combination of a tank top and a bikini. These are easily available in various necklines, styles, cuts, designs and colours. This type of swimsuit helps women in hiding their midriff problems.

2. Boy Shorts

Another comfortable alternative to bikinis is boy shorts. This type of swimming bottoms is perfect for women who want to cover their thighs and butts. It gives a bold look and women feel comfortable in them also. Apart from that these help in highlighting the best attributes of your body.

3. Classic One Piece

Initially one-piece swimwear was not considered trendy or cool. Well, those days are long gone now. With time various styles and cuts have been introduced in the one-piece variety. Most women wear a one-piece suit because it is comfortable and provides with an optimum amount of coverage, unlike bikinis. Moreover, you can highlight your legs without exposing extra skin. Apart from that these help in highlighting curves in your abdominal area.

Abovementioned are a few alternatives to bikinis that are easily available at seafolly swimwear online.