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Welcome to VLSI HomePage!!!

The main intent of this blog is to disseminate information on the VLSI design and practices prevalent in the semiconductor industry. However, we will also keep you updated about the latest trends and news in other genres also like Business and Management, Home and Garden and Legal prospectives.

There are very good VLSI texts and university courses focusing on fundamentals of VLSI Design. However, very few focus on the practical aspects and the swift, innovative changes in the industry as we move onto complex chips and lower processes leave most of these books outdated.

The posts on this site are aimed at providing the reader a refreshing and current view of VLSI methodologies. Where necessary, an attempt has been made to explain the concepts clearly. This is a site in progress and plans to add QuickGuides and tutorials in the areas of RTL design and verification are in the works.

The author is also compiling a list of books, websites, and papers that will be useful to the reader. Please do bookmark this site if you find it informative and do check back frequently for any updates. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the RSS feed so you can track the updates live! Also, do not hesitate to spread the word about this site around.

The author assumes that the reader has a basic understanding of digital design and semiconductors and the site is catered to both tyro/experienced alike. Any mistakes/errors on this site are my own and I have tried to keep the content as accurate as possible. I hope you enjoy your stay at this site and any suggestions/feedback to improve the site is greatly appreciated.